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About Us

About Us

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we are fence installation and rental security company out of Florida.

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we help all kinds of customers to solve their fence project needs.

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we help you achieve your residential, event and site fence project success.

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About Main Event Fence

Hosting an event is one thing, but making sure your attendees are having a good time is absolutely critical!

Not only do you have to make sure everything goes to plan, you must have a system in place to make sure everyone is having fun in a safe environment. It can be incredibly time and resource consuming to figure out how to manage the safety of a large group of people, ensure that you are not losing money and ensure your event security team has a clear understanding of the area they have to survey. And let’s not even talk about the added hassle of finding reliable event fencing vendors!

Here at Main Event Fence, we are a fence company that knows the challenges that come with hosting events and construction sites. That’s why we have created a painless solution to solve all of your barricading needs. We are a group of industry professionals who will take on the challenge of keeping your site safe all while giving you more time to focus on the things you do best!

Are you looking for a professional fence company?

We provide residential, commercial and temporary fencing to all customers.

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